round the world 2007
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Final trip facts

Length of journey:

Distance travelled:

Countries visited in the van:

Shortest stays:

Longest stays:

Currencies used:

Highest passes:

Lowest point:

Most expensive diesel:

Least expensive diesel:

Number of nights spent in van:

Most expensive campsite:

Least expensive campsite:

Number of free camps:

Vehicle breakdowns:

Number of punctures:

Bribes requested:

Bribes paid:

GB vehicles spotted in
far flung places:

Most viewed video:

332 days

27000 miles (43500 km)

35 - UK, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Russia, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Czech Republic, Germany, Austria, Hungary, Romainia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, China, Pakistan, India, Italy, Greece, Turkey, Bulgaria, Macedonia, Albania, Montenegro, Croatia, Slovenia, Switzerland, France, Luxembourg, Belgium

Slovenia (1 hour)
Austria (16 hours)

India (82 days)
Pakistan (28 days)
Ukraine (23 days)

25 - British Pound, Norweigan Kronor, Swedish Kronor, Euro, Russian Ruble, Estonia Krooni, Latvian Lati, Lithuanian Lita, Polish Zlotych, Hungarian Forint, Romanian Lei, Ukrainian Hryvnia, Kazakh Tenge, Uzbek Som, Tajik Somoni, Kyrgyz Som, Chinese Yuan, Pakistani Rupee, Indian Rupee, Turkish Lira, Bulgarian Lev, Macedonian Denar, Albanian Lek, Croatian Kuna, Swiss Francs

Khunjerab Pass, China-Pakistan border (4720 m - 15600 ft)
Pamir Highway, Tajikistan (4680 m - 15400 ft)

Western Kazakhstan (35 m - 120 ft below sea level)

113.9 pence/litre (Selcuk, Turkey)
98.9 pence/litre (Leicster Forest East, UK)
86.3 pence/litre (Alesund, Norway)

20.4 pence/litre (Atyrau, Kazakhstan)
28.4 pence/litre (Naryn, Kyrgyzstan)

206 (71%), the rest on ferries, with friends, in a tent or in hotels

17 per night (Bergen, Norway)

80 pence per night (Islamabad, Pakistan)

93 nights

One - Tajik/Kyrgyz border, Diesel Particulate Filter blow out due to rubbish Tajik diesel from Khorog


Too many to count, all in ex-Soviet states

One - US$ 10 to a fat, annoying, corrupt Russian **** of a policeman

Two cars doing the Mongol Rally, Lake Issyk-Kol, Kyrgyzstan
Also spotted French 2CVs in Kashgar; German camper vans in Islamabad and Goa; Angela Merkl's personal blacked out German Mercedes in Mumbai.

Following a logging truck in Kazakhstan
Over 44000 views and counting!!